Design Team Support for LAS/IC Projects

Over a period of three years (2016-2018), LAS engaged its members with the design research process through a five-day course -- Design Thinking through Design Research Short Course. The immersive experience was impactful and advocated for the infusion of design research and its methods and tools into LAS projects. Starting from 2018, the connection between the breadth of methods and tools covered in the short course and the application in LAS project activities has been supported through topic-specific advanced workshops and facilitated sessions. To strengthen the application of a variety of design research methods by LAS teams and members, our 2021 project had three goals:

  1. To provide design research approaches training through advanced workshops
  2. To leverage design research skills to benefit collaborative LAS/IC projects by facilitating Focused Discovery Activities (FDAs) for LAS/IC projects and members
  3. To provide more frequent opportunities for LAS members to engage with design methods and the Design Team by offering “Design Office Hours” based on LAS project teams’ needs.

With all the activities and offerings being transitioned to remote delivery, the Design team also adapted and designed a design research toolbox to support online collaboration. During the workshops, LAS members had the opportunity to explore parts of the design research process, methods, and tools employed by design researchers and professionals. The support for FDAs focused on collaboration and exploration bringing together multiple methods and tools for the LAS project team’s use in an intensive session. Office hours offered LAS teams and members to engage in the application of selected design research tools to their project work.

Participants: Sharon Joines (NCSU), Hongyang Liu (NCSU), Catalina Salamanca (NCSU)

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