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The goal of the 2020 T4 effort is to maximize the probability of a successful transition of LAS knowledge, outcomes, analytics, methodologies, prototypes, etc. to a customer. This includes building on previous efforts to expand knowledge management and educate LAS personnel and stakeholders on transition paths and efforts. The team will also help LAS succeed in its personnel education and training needs. This includes exploring how to effectively continue knowledge expansion and retention of past collaboration training, and by hosting design thinking activities and information sharing workshops.

Team Leads: Jody Coward, Jamie Roseborough, Dawn Hendricks


Over a period of three years, LAS engaged its members with design thinking (DT) through a five-day immersive short course, Design Thinking through Design Research. The immersive experience was impactful creating advocates for the infusion of DT into LAS projects. The connection between the breadth of methods and tools covered in the short course and the application in LAS daily activities has been supported through topic-specific advanced workshops or facilitated sessions. To strengthen the application of DT and its methods/tools to LAS teams, this project had three goals: 1) to provide DT training through workshops; 2) to leverage DT to benefit collaborative LAS/IC projects by holding office hours and facilitating mini-sessions; and 3) to assess the impact of design thinking activities. During the workshops, participants had the opportunity to explore parts of the design process, methods, and tools employed by design researchers and professions. Office hours supported participants’ application of selected design thinking methods and tools to their project work. Facilitated sessions focused on the needs of a project bringing together multiple tools and methods for the team’s use in an intensive session. The project’s first two goals were proposed to be met via in-person activities but were rapidly transitioned to remote delivery as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This unexpected delivery format posed challenges that were surmounted owing to the DT team’s and the participants’ tenacity and flexibility. In addition to translating DT workshop concepts to other LAS projects/activities, LAS members who attended the workshops often engaged the team through design office hours and/or facilitated mini-sessions to receive focused project support.

Participants: Sharon Joines, Byungsoo Kim, Hongyang Liu, Catalina Salamanca (NCSU)

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This is the movie related to the Sunsetting at LAS 2020 project for the symposium. It is a look at the sunsetting playbook effort and the need LAS to undertake the project.

Participants: Jody Coward (LAS), Jamie Roseborough (LAS), Dawn Hendricks (LAS), Jenaye Minter (LAS), Carmen Vasquez (LAS)

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This is a brief overview of the sunsetting efforts for the collaboration research and workshops that did not continue at LAS in 2020. The presentation shows some of the steps and the methodology used to provide the final tools and methods that need to continue to assist in collaboration at LAS.

Participants: Dawn Hendricks (LAS), Carmen Vazquez (LAS), Jenaye Minter (LAS)

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Collaboration research at LAS spanned from 2015 to 2019 with different aspects of collaboration explored throughout that period and then presented at workshops to the LAS cadre. Early in the year, the Transition Team participated in a Design Thinking Office Hours session, which gave light to the possibility that a game could be used to transfer and apply the content and knowledge of the collaboration research. Research has shown that board games outperform traditional learning, in particular as it pertains to retention in adult learners. Our goal is to deliver this knowledge to you via Collaboration Island.

Participants: Carmen Vazquez (LAS), Jenaye Minter (LAS), Dawn Hendricks (LAS)

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